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Learn to work with pure healing energy to help heal yourself and others.
Pure Spiritual Healing is the most natural and purist healing therapy. Coming down through the ages, healing is once again playing an important role in the well-being and development of humankind. It works well alongside conventional medicine as well as other complimentary therapies. There is much to learn and discover about this natural spiritual and scientific therapy. The Training consists of five in-depth class modules, with individual tutorials, case studies and healing practice over approximately 2 years, including an independent assessment.

Pure Spiritual Healing Professional Training Syllabus

    Pure Spiritual Healing is the primary therapy. Historically healing has been spoken of as the invoking of God or of the spirit within the person. During society's development healing has been taken for granted, while the emphasis has been placed upon drugs, herbs, manipulations or other therapeutic interventions. Now it is the time that we should once again work directly, in a scientific way, with the fundamental power of healing.
    For this work the highest training is needed. Firstly, the future practitioner must have a mature outlook on life, be committed to their own spiritual progress, and desire to play their part in bringing more light, love and understanding to all they contact. This is the training given by life itself. Secondly, there must be the knowledge of how to let the healing power work through oneself for the benefit of all without any hindrance by, or manipulation from, the practitioner. And thirdly, there must be an understanding of how imbalance leads to disease, how healing may take place and the many ways that a person is supported in this process.
    Students may develop a healing practice, take healing skills and knowledge into their way of life and their work, or take the course as part of a personal Self Development program.
    This course is structured to give time and opportunity for the development of each individual's healing ability. The course is divided into separate graded modules, consisting of five weeks over approximately two years, including an independent assessment. Upon successful completion, a diploma is awarded entitling the qualified healer to use the following after their name, for professional purposes: DipPSpH.
    The SevaLight Retreat Centre for Self-Realization, Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling has trained students in the rapidly developing science and art of healing for many years.

Outline of Subjects covered in this course:

1.    Qualities needed to be a healer.

2.    Theory of Healing:
    a.    What healing is
    b.    How a healer uses Healing Energy
    c.    History of healing
    d.    Healing, promotion of health & prevention of illness
    e.    Winged Prayer

3.    Energy Bodies:
    a.    Physical - Emotional - Causal
    b.    Auras
    c.    Vortices
    d.    Meridians
    e.    Flow of life's energy
    f.    Healing reactions, illness & how energy blocks clear

4.    Special Clients and Healing:
    a.    Children & Babies
    b.    Pregnant women
    c.    Mentally unstable or emotional clients
    d.    Drugs and addictions

5.    Practical work:
    a.    Healing Movements
    b.    General
    c.    Specific
    d.    Care of client during healing
    e.    Healing practice
    f.    Ongoing appraisal and feedback
    g.    Body & posture awareness for the healer

6.    Consultations:
    a.    Purpose and theory
    b.    Practice
    c.    Ongoing appraisal and feedback

7.    Advice to Clients:
    a.    Homework
    b.    Diet & Nutrition (basic)
    c.    Breathing exercises
    d.    Enhancing of healing
    e.    Relaxation
    f.    Cleansing of the Energy Bodies
    g.    Energy care
    h.    Exercise - general
    i.    Visualization & Relaxation
    j.    Affirmations

8.    Spiritual Knowledge Essential to Healers:
    a.    Karma & Reincarnation in relation to healing
    b.    Cosmology and the evolution of humanity
    c.    Pure Meditation and its benefits
    d.    Kundalini: its uses & dangers
    e.    Understanding the difference between psychic and spiritual
    f.    Awareness of psychic energy and its dangers
    g.    Birth & death in relation to healing

9.    Care of Healers' Energy:
    a.    Realization & mastery of self
    b.    Working to be rid of Ego
    c.    Emotions in relation to healing - how to be in charge
    d.    Breathing exercises
    e.    Preparation & Attunement
    f.    Covering over & Protection
    g.    Structure of healing day
    h.    Influences to avoid
    i.    Sexual energy
    j.    Food, diet and healing

10.    Professionalism and Administration:
    a.    Ethics & the law
    b.    Code of Conduct
    c.    Insurance
    d.    Ethics of healer/client relationship
    e.    Healer/client boundaries
    f.    People not to treat
    g.    Relationships with other practitioners and the medical profession
    h.    Establishing a Practice
    i.    Confidentiality
    j.    Presentation
    k.    Record keeping
    l.    Advertising

11.    Biology:
    All taught as a coordinated topic and in relation to both Western Science and the Holistic Energy model.
    a.    Anatomy - of the major systems of the body
    b.    Physiology - of the major systems of the body
    c.    Biology of disease
    d.    Drugs

12.    Other Complementary Therapies ~ and their relationship to Pure Spiritual Healing.

13.    Students progress review: individual tutorials.
    a.    Theory
    b.    Healing practice
    c.    Consultation practice
    d.    Ongoing support & advice

    Individual guidance for students is an important part of the course structure, to bring forward and nurture their development. We recommend that students come for regular Healing Refreshers to aid their development. Continuing Support is always available following any course or workshop.
    Advanced Healing courses are held to further develop these skills, and are offered to students who have reached a level of proficiency in their Healing Practice.
    In-depth Pure Meditation and Intuitive Counselling courses are also offered. We see Pure Meditation as an essential part of a healer's training. Intuitive Counselling~Coaching complements the practice of healing and is recommended as a separate module.
    The SevaLight Retreat Centres for Self-Realization, Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling worldwide are committed to providing the best possible Healer Training and as such are always reviewing the current state of the profession and the needs of the clients and healers in this changing society.
    We are in touch with the developments of national and international certification qualifications for healers in the countries in which we teach. The courses we offer are kept up to or in excess of any expected standards, so that when the standards are ratified and qualification awarded, the Centres intend to be able to have their students achieving these qualifications without needing extra training.

Now accepting students for Course Modules 1 & 2 on weekends in 2020 ~ please contact us for more details.
Please contact us for the dates of the next Course Modules 1 & 2 running two weeks back-to-back.

The cost for modules 1 & 2 *:
for daily students: including course fees, refreshments and homecooked lunches $990
for residential students on a two-week program: including course fees, shared room overnight accommodation, homecooked meals: $1,604.50 plus taxes.
If you cannot afford the full fees, please ask about a bursary.
*Please see Student Handbook for all subsequent payments

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