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Gentle Hatha Yoga and Relaxation classes Not Currently Available ~ please feel free to inquire about when these will be ♥
For your whole life
Yoga can help you to relax and nurture your whole being ~ body, mind and Spirit. These gentle classes are taught in small groups to allow for individual care of each student's conditions and abilities. They give you an opportunity to bring awareness to your posture, to learn how to move in harmony with your body and breath, to increase your ability to concentrate, and with the guided relaxations ~ to find more peace ~ all helping you to be more at ease and better able to deal with life stresses. Please feel free to ask about about any problems/conditions you have. 

For currently scheduled sessions and pricing see the Centre's home page  under New and Upcoming Classes and Events. Pre-registration required. Please bring a yoga mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing to class. For more information and to register, please call.

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Special sessions are available for:

Classes may also be arranged by appointment at the Centre or at your location.

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